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We offer a variety of services to better fit your business and organizational needs. Whether it is routine updating and upkeep of your site, occasional content additions, or building a site from scratch, we have your needs covered.



We offer complete WordPress site development from the ground up. Our team of seasoned WordPress designers & developers will develop a site that suits your needs, and will ensure these needs are met along the way.

DEVELOPMENT FROM SCRATCH: Brand new site development from the ground up, with a customized template
CUSTOM THEME DEVELOPMENT: We can develop custom WordPress templates that can be used by your present developers or business personnel.
GRAPHICS & PHOTOS: We have award-winning photographers and videographers than can create custom photos and graphics for your site.

Flate Rate Pricing:

We offer competitive flat-rate pricing for smaller projects only requiring a few static pages with non-dynamic information.

Hourly Pricing:

Ongoing Maintenance


The average website requires at least an hour of upkeep per month to keep security standards met and content relevant. We offer a variety of ongoing services to ensure your online presence is maintained to a professional degree.

SECURITY: We offer ongoing security monitoring and updates. Automated systems will ensure your site is secured 24/7 and will send us alerts whenever a threat has been neutralized or encountered. 
CONTENT: Website content usually needs to be updated on a regular basis, and with this, we offer ongoing content updates to best reflect your online presence. 
DYNAMIC UPDATES: Some website information can be automatically updated and served from third party sources. We can work to integrate this with your site, and ensure you have the ability to update this information on your own.

Flate Rate Pricing:

Flat-rate pricing is usually more popular with ongoing upkeep of your site. Most websites require minimal updates to information, so a flat-rate monthly fee can guarantee these updates on a regular basis.

Hourly Pricing:

Multimed & Social Media

Social media marketing and professional photo/video productions

We have a team of award-winning photographers, videographers, and social media managers who are seasoned in both modern social media management, and multi-media creative production. We have a variety of resources and can refer you to third parties for more complex needs. Our network of producers and managers will help you stay rest assured that you are receiving the best services.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Our network of professional photographers is best in class and we will connect you with either our own or one of our partners to meet your needs.

VIDEO PRODUCTION: Our primary videographer is an emmy award-winning producer and cinematographer with vast experience in commercial video production. Our experience is proven, and competitive with other local and commercial production companies.
SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT: Our social media team has managed accounts with a combined total over 1,000,000 followers and keep tabs on trends and algorithmic social media. We have grown TikTok accounts from 0 followers, with some reaching over 400,000 followers in a period of a few months. Social media is a complicated field, and we will be sure to deliver successful results.

Flate Rate Pricing:

For smaller projects and demands that require a set number of posts and/or media production, flate rate pricing can be an affordable way to help meet your organization's media needs.

Hourly Pricing:

Common questions

We are based in The Woodlands, Texas, the #1 rated city to live in in the entire US. We target local businesses throughout the Montgomery and Harris Counties, and surrounding areas.

Being students, we have a unique perspective on the community, graduating from local high schools. We are continuously learning the newest technologies available on the market, and are networking with industry professionals to ensure that we are using best-in-class editing tools.

Yes! We hire people of all ages, while we are primarily made up of students, we hire professional freelancers. Contact us for more information.

We have multiple pricing models that are flexible to suit your needs. Most of our work is billed on an hourly basis, as it ensures we stay accountable and deliver the best possible production possible.

When we begin your project, we will create an online database that can be accessed at any time by our clients. You can also view a live preview of the site that updates immediately after our edits are saved. Our online database is updated after each day’s work, and will include screenshots and detailed descriptions detailing a “before and after” of our work. This helps us stay accountable and ensure any mistakes and missed information are corrected immediately.

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