M-COPE Case Study

Rapid Deployment

When we initially offered consultation to M-COPE, they stressed a need for a rapid turnaround in the design and development of a website. We began work during the month of June 2022 and were able to complete the site in just over a month. This required close and effective communication with their team as most of the site content relied on information they compiled, so effective communication ensured that their needs were met, and that we had an adequate content kit to work off of.

Continuous Content Updates

We currently offer M-COPE the ability to send us new information and details regarding their organization, and most significantly, the events they host. A continuous update service was a must for them, as their events change year after year, and site content will always need to be updated to ensure event details are up-to-date. This is a service we offer that differs from many other design & development firms, as many simply give you a static site that is difficult to update and/or expensive to continue support for.

Form Management

M-COPE needed the ability for users to submit general comments, media requests, and other forms of details & media via online contact forms. We were able to match them with a contact form solution that allowed for easy form submission monitoring via the WordPress admin dashboard. This is something that is rarely offered by other providers as many times a contact form simply sends an email to the client, instead of providing them with a management portal for all submissions.

Administrative Management

We currently handle all administrative duties for M-COPE’s site. This includes the monitoring of DMCA takedown and law enforcement information requests. While all providers are required by law to offer this, we have a policy to directly work with site owners when issues arise. This allows them to understand the situation. Many other providers send an email notice to the owners with a large amount of legal jargon, so explaining the situation in detail to clients helps them be aware of the issue and prevent repeat offenses.