ESPI Case Study

Data Security

ESPI’s security needs were complex. They have federal government clearance for certain clients, which requires their data to be kept under specific standards and requirements. This yielded a challenge for our team as we had to ensure hosting providers for payment and work orders have the ability to be processed on low-grade FIPS encryption standards, should a client require this. ESPI initially did not take this into consideration before hiring us, meaning our advice potentially saved them a future headache of moving data to a more secure environment.

Private Cloud Computing

An ongoing project consisting of onboarding all email (Microsoft Exchange) and web services onto a private, dedicated, server is currently being worked and discussed with ESPI. They had approached us with this being one of their largest needs, and we are currently working with third party information technology consultants to ensure their needs are best met. Communication with these consultants ensures their web services needs are still met after the sunset of their current online servers.

Capabilities Statement

Federal government contract bids heavily rely on a solid capabilities statement, which is essentially a resume of your business. ESPI challenged us with not only creating one, but ensuring that we can provide continuous support as their scope of offerings widens. Furthermore, we ensured to list web services on these statements and how they complement clients of ESPI.

Two-way Communications

Our team has background in networked two-way land mobile and IP radio communications. ESPI is currently in the process of researching the development of a wide-area private land mobile radio system to ensure regional communication can be established between all of their employees. We are working with them to explore options, which currently consists of an internet-linked repeater system.